Our Patented FastFix™aisle containment system, (Patent No. 2528379), is completely unique and separates us from competitors, it's a mobile reusable system that can be retrofitted again and again, reducing a single customers cost on future projects, thus giving us an edge over our competitors.


Data centres are facilities used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. The system is based on the principle of complete separation of hot and cold air, by enclosing the cold aisle across the top of the cabinets with roof panels, end of the aisle sliding doors and removable FastFix™ panelling.


Aisle Containment works by creating a physical barrier that allows the supply of air to pool inside the aisle, the containment itself consists of an aluminium framed aisle with end doors and a roof system to contain the supply airflow to the intake of the IT equipment.


We’ve also designed our system in such a way that we don’t require support or fixing from the racks / units we’re enclosing. Our aisles are completed self supporting meaning racks can be fitted, removed or replaced with ease while our containment system isn’t disturbed.


We have also created a ‘smart’ ceiling system that will open up safely by 50% in the event of an alarm activation allowing the fire suppressant gasses to fill the aisle and extinguish any fire threat. Once an aisle has been formed the space inside is no longer accessible to fire suppressant systems this reduces / removes additional costs to the customer to have water or FM200 pipes rerouted into the newly formed aisle.


This system goes beyond merely implementing basic measures such as sealing moisture out of the Data Centre and improving air flow. It provides aisle containment to prevent the mixing of hot and cold air which clearly stands out as a method that can dramatically reduce energy costs, minimize hot spots and improve the carbon footprint of Data Centres.


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FastFix - Patent No. 2528379

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