Sectional overhead doors open vertically upwards, creating clear space in front of and behind the door. Inside the building too, useful space is not wasted because the door sections can be parked underneath the ceiling, parallel to the ceiling or vertically on the wall depending on the tracking configuration specified. Since the doors are fitted behind the opening, the clear passage width can be used in full. This virtually excludes any risk of damage.


Due to the high speed and insulation properties these doors are primarily fit within the commercial sector. These doors suit the demand of warehouses and units with lots of traffic.


Sectional doors are double skinned as standard, with panels filled with insulating foam 40mm to 45mm thick. These sections are constructed from galvanised steel for strength and longevity. There is a wide variety of finishes and effects available for these doors, which is often pressed onto the door at the manufacturing stage. High quality paint finishes are also available, including a range of wood grain effects designed to match existing building and wood work.

The efficient and impressive construction of a Sectional door provides strength and stability, even in larger than normal sizes. As a result, significantly larger openings can be accommodated through the use of a Sectional door.

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